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A premier professional networking & executive search firm focused on diversifying the music industry

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In periods of awakening throughout history, society is faced with uncomfortable truths. In 2020, the world experienced a connectivity that stemmed from a pandemic which forced all of us into isolation. During this time, we all bore witness to an uprising of activism led by an unveiling of blatant disregard for human life as even in our most vulnerable time, racism persisted. It is through our collective empathy that we upheld ourselves and institutions to a higher standard; one where we assess who we are vs. who we strive to be.

Upon presenting the 1st research analysis conducted on intersectionality within the music industry on an international stage known as the Music Biz Conference in Nashville, TN '22, Janishia was encouraged to bridge access to her network to available job opportunities within the music business. The MIX Network is a solution to the long-standing issue revolving the lack of diversity within the workplace providing not only a community networking platform centered around collaborating & connecting with other music biz professionals, but also executive search services to create a pipeline for qualified diverse executive talent to senior leadership roles. 

Janishia Jones


Janishia Jones has led a 10+ year career as a Data Scientist & Music Publishing Executive in the Music Industry.

As social activist & entrepreneur within the music community, she has founded several companies that focus on bringing awareness to socio-economic issues affecting women of color in a male-dominated industry.

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Executive Search: Services

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We offer an extensive range of services tailored to your specific business needs. There are a number of ways that we can support each other in transforming the music industry.

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